reference projects

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test instrumentation for carbon probes

carbon test

Baseboard for Toradex T20 / T30 NVIDIA Tegra 2 or Tegra 3 module

 Requirements/ Aims of the project

  • Embedded Linux or CE6 / CE7
  • RS232 / RS422
  • USB client and host (mini)
  • Ready for 4x4 matrix keypad
  • RTC with battery-backup
  • Audio IN/OUT
  • HDMI - LVDS / TTL 24bit
  • Touch
    • projected capacitive touch via I2C
    • Ready for 4/5-wire Resistiv Touch

AD Board

  • ADC/DAC via SPI
    (temperature, instrumentation amplifier, distance sensor)
  • Digital IO via SPI
  • Power switch (24V)
  • TRIAC switch (230VAC)