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c-bus fiber converter

c-bus fiber converter

The C-Bus is used for communication between
terminals and central units and has a loop architecture.
That means every node (central unit or terminal)on
the C-Bus has the ability to disconnect the incoming
wires from the outgoing and to terminate these wire
ends if needed.


Technical details
VSE-C4 Datasheet

  • Fiber module agilent HFCT-5205
  • Connection type SC duplex
  • Cable 9 µm single mode (1300 nm)
  • Distance up to 15km ( long distance version up to 50km)
  • C-Bus copper cable segment-length (G51, 0.8 mm2) up to 500m
  • 18-36V AC/DC power supply input, power consumption 3.5W
  • Easy DIN mount
  • LED indicators